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Rebiana Oil Field Services- Your Authorized Distributor for Green Country Submersible pumps and parts in Libya.

Centrifugal Pumps
Exceeding industry standards 
When utilizing GCS pumps for the oil and gas industry, customers can expect the very best in results. Years of testing and performance evaluation insure quality products and service at competitive prices.  
Model Number
Casing Size
H.P. Rating
Range B.P.D.
GcP3-15 4-1/2" 338   94 400-700
GcP3-25 4-1/2" 338  94 600-1100  
GcP3-30 4-1/2" 338  94 825-1550  
GcP3-45 4-1/2" 338 125 1000-2000  
GcP4-13 5-1/2" 400 94 300-600  
GcP4-20 5-1/2" 400  94 500-925  
GcP4-28 5-1/2" 400  125 700-1275  
GcP4-31 5-1/2" 400  125 900-1600  
GcP4-40 5-1/2" 400 125 925-1800  
GcP4-51 5-1/2" 400  125 1175-2150  
GcP4-55 5-1/2" 400 125 1350-2450  
GcP4-82 5-1/2" 400  125 1800-3800  
GcP5-52 7" 500  256 1400-2500  
GcP5-62 7" 500  256 1600-2900  
GcP5-90 7" 500  256 2200-3800  
GcP5-110 7" 500 375 2800-4800  
GcP5-150 7" 500 375 4000-6700  
GcP5-180 7" 500 375 4400-7400  
GcP5-220 7" 500 375 5200-8800  


Green Country Submersible Pumps manufactures three-phase induction motors which are hand wound with Kapton and ML coated magnet wire. Our most common motors are two pole 50 and 60 Hertz motors which operate at approximately 2,915 rpm and 3,450 rpm.

Our motors are filled with di-electric motor oils to lubricate the internal structure. The oil also serves as a coolant by transferring heat produced by the intercore of the motor to the housing unit. Well fluids flow past the housing to the intake ports of the pump and provide coolant for the motor.

A wide variety of horse power rating and voltages are available to meet our customers' requirements. 


The protector isolates the motor oil from well fluid and provides a reservoir of oil for the motor making it serve as an equalizing chamber. The protector serves as an internal pressure regulator for the motor. The protector responds to the ambient change and heat expansion when the unit is placed in operation. The thrust bearing chamber accepts the load of the fluid column on start up and absorbs the thrust created by the pump.


Green Country Submersible Pumps are centrifugal consisting of impellers and diffusers in multi-stage applications. The multi-stage pumps are designed to lift large volumes of oil, brine, and water. Centrifugal pumps are designed for individual well conditions by varying the number of stages and by varying the design of the impellers. The number of stages required determines the total amount of lift provided and the amount of horsepower required. To protect against abrasion, corrosion, and high temperatures, stages are made of Ni-Rest and Ryton materials.  Shafts are made of K-500 monel.

Gas Separators

In high G.O.R. wells, a gas separator may be utilized to replace the standard bolt on intake. The gas separator is designed to eliminate gas deposits and force free gas to pass the pump and vent into the casing annulis. The utilization of a gas separator discourages surges, cycling, and gas locked pump conditions which results in peak efficiency and maximum production.


Green Country Submersible Pumps has designed, engineered, and developed a method of manufacturing the Ryton impeller as a "one piece" impeller to replace the previous method of sonic welding the top and bottom portions of the impeller together. Our new one piece impeller provides higher efficiency and longer run life.