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Kirby Libya


Rebiana Construction Services..,   


A Kirby Building is second to none 

    E-Mail:   info@KirbyLibya.com              WWW. KirbyLibya.com 


Offer the complete spectrum of construction Techniques, pre-engineered steel frame buildings.

We work with every client in all aspects of their building project.  Whether the client is local, national or international, each one receives unsurpassed service and extensive expertise that will translate into the structure to suit their every required and  desired need. Our approach is an objective one that allows us to determine the most efficient construction methods and most effective building materials, all at a cost that is both fair and affordable to our clients. Rebiana Construction in association with The O.K Design USA Group, possesses extensive knowledge regarding building design/architecture , project management, consultation, safety and building codes, permitting agencies and the myriad of industry requirements, all of which help to avoid time consuming Redesigns  and budget overruns.




         What we do: 

Steel Frame Building Systems

       Warehousing, and cold stores

   Specialty Oil Field buildings for  material

              Storage-, machinery and pipe sheds        

          Tool and workshops

           Airport terminals, Railway stations

          Aircraft  Hangers

      Commercial Buildings, Office parks, Resorts                    and Renovation of old steel frame buildings

             Attractive car dealership show rooms

             Retail buildings, Hotels and Shopping centers

             Lobby and Gas station Canopy Construction

             Sport complexes and arenas


             Agricultural buildings

            Quick erection of housing, office and storage

             space at remote oil field locations

             Military Barracks

             Engineering design & Construction Management

           Consulting and Inspections

             Retrofit Metal side walls and Roofing

             Structural Improvement

             Building Material selection, procurement

             and supply



  We specialize in turn key projects 

           Authorized Representative and Builder:

                  Kirby USA Building Systems

            Quality and professional work completed in timely 



                Reliable and dependable materials & building 



                MBMA ( Metal Building Manufacturing Association)

              and AISC ( American Institute Of Steel

              Construction) certified material.


       We supply it,  you build it:


We welcome inquires from associate, independent

builders and contractors that require steel building

systems for their projects.  We can supply Kirby

building structure and  Provide  support with

 design & erection if needed. 






Rebiana Construction, The O.K Design USA Group and Kirby  Libya are Proudly looking forward to take Part in building modern Libya

For further information or to get a quote please Contact:

Kirby Libya

Borg Al Fatah  Tower 2nd floor Suite No. 25

                                                 Tripoli Libya 

      Tel. 021 335 1825

      Fax 021 335 1826


                           E-Mail:   info@KirbyLibya.com



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Retail Shops:



Modern and State of the art Office Space:


Kirby Building


 Modern Show Rooms and Automobile sales & service centers:












A Kirby Building is second to none 

    E-Mail:   info@KirbyLibya.com     

        WWW. KirbyLibya.com